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domingo, 5 de março de 2017

To floppy or not to floppy?

I know that nowadays it is pretty popular to update floppy drives with floppy emulators that allow for you replace several floppy disks with a single newer storage unit, like a USB stick or a SD card.

I would definitely like to update some of my old samplers, especially the Akai S950, since I had some floppies going bad with it already.

But for others, I don't really mind as I have a nice collection of floppy disks with a huge library!

This is the library I have for my Roland S-550:

The previous owner assembled a really nice collection of floppy disks, which features a huge part of the original library plus a special library from a workshop he went to here in Portugal!

I am not sure I tried all the disks yet, but it definitely features amazing sounds!

Unfortunately not all the samplers I have came with such a nice library, but that's just an extra motivation to upgrade them ;)

Maybe in the near future I'll try to do that.
In the meanwhile, there will be some floppy fun once in a while! ;)

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  1. Paulo, if you still have the library for your Roland S-50 or S-550, are you interested in trading some .OUT images? Let me know, thanks!