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sábado, 4 de março de 2017

The original Korg KaossPad, in BLUE!

Most of you are probably not aware of that, but there was a special blue edition of the original Korg KaossPad!

I had one of those that I got from a store that went bankrupt, around 10 years ago...

Unfortunately, the unit was broken, but it still looked really really nice!

The original Korg KaossPad, in blue and grey ;)

I also ended up getting a regular working unit some time after and can say the special blue unit really looked spectacular, as you can see in the previous photo!

And since the blue unit was broken, I wasn't even able to see the lights inside, which should be possible to notice since the plastic was actually a bit transparent!

I wanted to actually change the chassis of both units, since most likely it wasn't worth getting it fixed (I think I even took it to a tech, who told me that as well, but it was quite some time ago for me to remember that precisely...), but ended up never doing that...

I ended up letting both go together as I started having better and better effects units and also got a JazzMutant Lemur (which I should talk about in this blog sooner or later), which allowed me to control those effects and use them to emulate the Korg KaossPad (but with better quality, of course).

I think they are still great units, and I most likely should do a post about this series from Korg, since the only element I didn't have was the Korg MiniKP and the latest + versions.

But that is a topic for another time ;)

For now, enjoy this photo of this rare version of the original Korg KaossPad, in BLUE! ;)

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