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terça-feira, 21 de março de 2017

CONCERT - Korg MS-20 vs. Korg iMS20? That's Synth-ing Nº12 and Nº13!

Yep, that's the plan for Synth-ing Nº12 and Nº13, that I'll play today and next thursday!
So, for these two performances, I will this very simple setup:

Korg -> Electrix Repeater -> Eventide Space

In one performance the Korg I'll use will be my original Korg MS-20 while on the other I will be using my iPad controlled by the Korg MS20ic, the original controller from the Korg Legacy Collection!

Which one will I be using today and on thursday is a secret ;)

My aim with these performances is not to compare both units directly, but rather how they end up sounding in the context of a performance!

The interface is basically the same (and I won't be using any advantage the Korg iMS20 has to offer), so lets see how both units compare ;)

Like always, you can follow my performance at, starting at 22:00 GMT!

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