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sábado, 18 de março de 2017

CONCERT - Synth-ing Nº11!

I really hope you enjoyed this one, as it was the first time I chose not to use any of the Clavia Nord Modulars and decided to go for a different kind of setup!

If you want to listen or re-listen to this performance, you can do so here!

One synth, lots of processing, great sound!

This time, I decided to use the amazing Teisco S110f as the only sound source, with the Electrix Repeater being used as a long delay in order to create some interesting polyphonic textures, like I did in the previous performance with the Yamaha CS-30.

For those who are not aware of it, the Teisco S110f is an amazing 2 VCO analog monophonic synth.

The architecture is pretty similar to the one of the ARP Odyssey, but with two fully featured ADSRs and a filter bank (this last feature was rather uncommon...), despite it lacks sync and you can't use any VCO to modulate the VCF.

Contrary to what some people believe, the only patent from ARP that they used was for the PPC (the proportional pitch control pads that you see next to the keyboard), but that doesn't mean it doesn't sound great, because it does (and I hope that you can notice that in my performance as well).

From all I could read online, it seems the build quality is quite superior than what you find on the ARP as well, and despite mine have some small issues, the build feels really solid!

To keep things more interesting during this 1 hour performance (it actually ended up lasting longer than that...), I also used some effects to enhance the overall sound of the Teisco S110f!

The effects units I chose were the Roland SPH-323, Eventide ModFactor and Eventide Space, and the effects chain was the following:

Teisco S110f -> Roland SPH-323 -> Electrix Repeater -> Eventide ModFactor -> Eventide Space

Roland SPH-323 provides a nice phasing effect, which is then delayed by the Electrix Repeater... For quite a long time ;)

The Roland SPH-323 is an amazing analog phaser with CV inputs, so I decided to take advantage of that and use the CV output of the Teisco S110f to control the center frequency of the phaser, together with the 2 LFOs available in the multi-modulation section of this unit.

On the Eventide ModFactor I used two different algorithms. 
Early on, I used the Undulator, while later on I switched to the TremoloPan algorithm, tweaking the effects as the performance was progressing! 

On the Eventide Space, I decided to stick with the Modechoverb algorithm, tweaking it along the way!

Eventide ModFactor + Space, great at adding some ambience to your performance ;)

To be honest, I'm really happy with the overall sound achieved in this performance and I think this set of effects really suited the sound of the Teisco S110f.

I mentioned before I hope this performance shows how nice the Teisco S110f can sound, but I also think it shows what can be done with a single analog monophonic synth when you use good effects processors and how important effects can be in enhancing your sound!

Amazing synth + Amazing effects = Great sound!

If you noticed some crackling during the performance, my Teisco S110f is unfortunately starting to show some signs of age...
But with all the processing that was done, I think most of the cracklings ended up being smoothed out to become unnoticeable!

Since all the gear used has pretty good interfaces, I am not going to give more details on the patches as I ended up just tweaking the gear around...

So, unlike previous performances, this time there will be no patch sharing...

But if you are looking forward to new patches for the Clavia Nord Modulars, be sure to continue checking my blog, because there will surely be more patches coming sooner or later ;)

Again, feel free to drop your feedback, and I really hope you enjoyed it!

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