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domingo, 26 de março de 2017

CONCERT - Synth-ing Nº12 & Nº13! Which is which?

If you remember my previous posts, the idea behind these two performances was to compare the Korg MS20 with the Korg iMS20 (controlled by the Korg MS20ic)!

With this in mind, I made sure not to use any of the extra features available in the Korg iMS20, so that you can actually compare both synths!

Despite this, the performances ended up being considerably different...

The main reason for this is that I used the featured patch bay very differently on both performances.
For instance, in Synth-ing Nº13, I ended up making a self triggering patch, which I didn't attempt to make in the previous performance.

This is definitely a feature that makes it a really interesting synth!

Still, the main idea was to compare how the Korg MS20 and Korg iMS20 (controlled by the Korg MS20ic) would work in a performance context!

And when it comes to that, I feel that both machines were really inspiring!

It is true that part of that is due to the setup I considered, in which the sound of the sound was processed first by the Electrix Repeater (again used as a long delay) and then by the Eventide Space (for reverbs), but any of those synth setups worked really well in this context!

I don't want to make further comments regarding both performances and my personal feelings about the two different setups as I feel that might give an hint on which synth I used in each of my two performances...

Before I go into those details, I would like to get hear some guesses on which synth I used in each of these two performances.

If you want you can listen to both performances here:

Synth-ing Nº12

Synth-ing Nº13

Which one do you prefer?
And which synth do you think was used on each one?

Just post a reply to this post!
Answer will be revealed by the end of this week ;)

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