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quinta-feira, 2 de março de 2017

NEWS - A Yamaha CS-80 rack clone in the works!

But as you'd probably guess, it won't be made by Yamaha...

Instead, this new synth named Deckard's Dream (as a reference to Blade Runner, whose soundtrack prominently features the Yamaha CS80) will be made by Roman Filippov, from Sputnik modular (who has also created a clone of the original Buchla Music Easel that some say is better than the actual version from BEMI).

There isn't much information available yet, but the photos made available really look stunning, as you can find in the following post at MatrixSynth:

There is some more information available there, and they seem to be adding new info as they receive it from Roman Filippov, so I won't be going much in detail...

The only thing I'll add is that I think it really seems an amazing machine, despite it will surely not be cheap...
But if you have soldering skills, you will likely be interested to know that this synth will also be available in DIY form!

Definitely one more to follow ;)

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