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quarta-feira, 1 de março de 2017

Casio VL-1, much more than a toy!

Some years ago I was lucky to bump into one of these in a street market!

The unit was working, despite it seemed to have some problems with the display and other minor issues...

But it came with the original bag, and considering how little I ended up paying for it, there was no reason to be upset! ;)

I can't say I have used it that much since then, but I surely used it enough to understand it is far better than a regular toy keyboard, despite it might look like one...

The rhythms can sound pretty nice and modern if you process them externally (I have done that with my Clavia Nord Modular G1 and really enjoyed the sound I was getting from it).

The synth sounds can be really nice for melodies as well, and better than that, they are programable!

I haven't really tried to program it, but found a video recently that made me really wanting to have a go at it, and will definitely do so as soon as I have some more time!

So, I intend to post a deeper review on this machine after I spend more time with it, but in the meanwhile, enjoy this video I found in youtube:

If you can get one for a nice price and you enjoy very portable machines, you should definitely grab it ;)

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