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quinta-feira, 16 de março de 2017

NEWS - Behringer working with CEM chips!

More precisely, they are working with the new re-issue of the CEM 3340 chip, which, a VCO chip used on many truly classic synths!

The word came from Uli Behringer himself on a post at a gearslutz thread!

It is a bit unclear to me if they are using a re-issue that came out last year (you can find more info about that here!), or if they actually came with their own re-issue.

Either way, it is interesting to notice that they are also expecting a re-issue of the CEM 3320 chip, a VCF chip!

If you want to know what synths used with CEM and SSM chips, you can find that info it here!

As you'll notice in that link, the classic Oberheims OB-Xa, OB-Sx and OB-8, as well as the classic Sequential Prophet 5 Rev 3 and Prophet 10 have used this combination of CEM 3340 VCO and CEM 3320 VCF!

It's still a mystery what they are planning, but considering the synths that use that combo of CEMs (and all other synths that use at least one of those... the CEM 3340 VCO was used in many Rolands and in the classic Moog MemoryMoog as well, for instance), I think it will be hard for them to get it completely wrong ;)

For me, a clone would be more than welcomed, since all those are truly amazing synths, but if they can do something different on the same league, I wouldn't say no to that either ;)

What is your guess? :)

Since they are only expecting the CEM 3320 in a few months, I guess there will be lots of time for speculation, but it's definitely something to keep our eyes on! ;)

EDIT - I had a bit of a terrible night with a pet emergency (but fortunately little Tux seems to be getting much better), so was a bit tired still...
But re-reading things better, it seems Behringer is actually investing in cloning the CEM chips as well!
The really good part is that they seem to be interested in cloning other CEMs and SSMs as well!
This could be huge to help keeping those old synths alive!
Let's hope for more info on that soon!

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