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sexta-feira, 10 de março de 2017

NEWS - Behringer plans clone the classic MiniMoog Model D

And it will be much cheaper than the new version from Moog, at around 400$!

You can find all the info in a post from Uli Behringer himself!

From the photos made available, it seems to replicate the interface of the original synth, while adding some patch points, so that it can be integrated in an Eurorack modular system!
In fact, it seems you will be able to transfer the main module to an Eurorack case!

I definitely love the current love most manufacturers are showing for Eurorack, but I honestly feel the amount of patch points included is a bit too low for it to be featured in an actual Eurorack modular system...
I think it's a shame, because with a better set of patch points, it could definitely be an amazing machine for people wanting to get into Eurorack.
However, if the photos are accurate, a Moog Mother 32 ends up being a much better choice, despite it has a much simpler synth engine.

On the plus side, you get MIDI (but you don't seem to get memories, which makes me believe you won't be able to actually control the synth parameters using MIDI) and most important, Poly Chain, which means you should be able to get something "like" a Memory Moog for considerably less than what you'd pay for that classic synth, and now with discrete components (I am not sure if that's the case, but I would guess that is the plan...).

If this seems exciting to you, be sure to go to the post mentioned before, check the images and give your feedback to Uli Behringer!
Hopefully he will make a better second draft of this synth ;)

It will be interesting to see what will happen, and that unlike the much talked ARP Odyssey clone they were planning some years ago (before their DeepMing 12), this one will actually become a reality!

If it gets a nicer set of patch points, I will definitely be looking forward to it ;)

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