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domingo, 12 de março de 2017

Map of the Eurorack World!

Have you looked at the world map recently?

Well, this link will give you a different perspective at it!

Someone nicknamed "circuitburst" has made the following world map available, showing where the different eurorack modular producers are based!

It seems there are over 300 companies, and 3 of them are based here in Portugal.

I am still trying to sort out my small eurorack modular, before starting to post more about this wonderful branch of synthesizers, but can you tell you already I definitely think this is an amazing concept!

In fact, I would totally love to produce my own modules, and have several ideas I would like to give a try, but unfortunately my knowledge of electronics is a bit lacking for a truly professional project...

But if some of my viewers actually have good electronics skills and could be interested in doing some eurorack projects, just send me an email, and let's talk!

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