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domingo, 31 de dezembro de 2023

CONCERT - NYE Concert in few hours (20:00 GMT)!

But you should tune in earlier, as the event is already on, with other amazing artists playing already!

Just check, like always, as there is where the action happens! ;)

Let's finish this year with amazing music, so the next year will start even better! ;)

domingo, 24 de dezembro de 2023

MEANWHILE - Merry Christmas to all!

And get ready cause in the next few days, there will be an amazing new Synth-ing sample pack available for free!!!

domingo, 10 de setembro de 2023

FREE STUFF - Happy 909 day, with our new and free "Synth-ing's 909 Day Special Pack!"!

Just get it here:

I just ask that, after checking it, make sure to give me some feedback as I hope to come up with many sample packs from Synth-ing! :D

Also, there are some notes about the licensing in there, but just the usual stuff, so if you made a success with those samples, all the money is yours!

And there are also lots of notes about the recording in that .txt file! ;)

Hope you all enjoy it! :D

quinta-feira, 10 de agosto de 2023