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terça-feira, 21 de março de 2017

NEWS - Buchla-like modular available for Reaktor (and it's free)!

I never felt sad for not having a licence of NI Reaktor... Until today...

Trevor Gavilan has just made available Cloudlab 200T, an ensemble for NI Reaktor that is inspired in the classic Buchla 200 modular synth!

Since I don't have a licence for NI Reaktor, I am not able to test it, but all the demos I've seen are absolutely amazing and worth watching!

Not to put too many demos demos in this post, I leave you with the one Trevor himself uploaded to his Youtube channel!

If you noticed him using the Lemur app to control Cloudlab 200T, you'll be happy to know that that patch for Lemur is available as well!

With all I said so far, I'm sure that, if you have a licence for NI Reaktor, you are more than anxious to download this ensemble and you can do that at Trevor's own page!

Despite this is a free download, you can make a donation to Trevor for his fantastic work!

A big thumbs up to Trevor, despite he made my GAS rise...

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