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sexta-feira, 24 de março de 2017

Some Modular Synth Fun!

Today I was giving a small run to my eurorack modular system, or better said, half of it!

I have 2 of these cases from Blue Lantern, but unfortunately the other one has two edges a bit bent...

I want to get that sorted before I put the rest of my modules in it, but am really looking forward to that as this small system is already very powerful as it is!

I have some extra oscillators, delays, mixers and modulators to fit in the other case, which I'm sure will add to the versatility of this small eurorack modular system, which has only modules from Doepfer, Blue Lantern and Tip Top (3 amazing Z3000 MkII VCOs).

The only thing that is a bit sad is that the sequencer and quantiser modules from Blue Lantern are not working as they should...
It's pretty bad because this would be an amazing system to use for some sequenced lines, but with the problems in those modules it isn't really possible to do so...
Fortunately I still have my Doepfer MAQ16/3, which I definitely must try with the full system!

I will try to update a video later on in the Facebook page, to show a bit how this eurorack modular system sounds!
So be sure to tune in ;)

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