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segunda-feira, 20 de março de 2017

NEWS - Behringer is working on 20 different synths, drum machines, etc...

Do you remember the post about Behringer cloning CEM chips?

Well, Behringer just shared today in their Facebook page (that post is shared in our own Facebook page) that they have 4 teams working on 20 different synths, drum machines, etc...

From what they say, they are working on new innovative synths as well as bringing back to life old classics!

Uli Behringer himself has presented a first draft of a MiniMoog Model D clone previously (you can find more about it here) as well as hinting that the classic ARP Odyssey and OSCar synths were also being considered for cloning (as we mentioned in this post).

And from what I could find online (first place I saw that information was on Synth Anatomy), it seems Behringer has even put a trademark application for the OB-XA name (which makes sense considering they are working on the CEM3320 and CEM3340 that this synth uses).

Behringer really seems to be on fire now and I'm quite curious to see what they are coming up with!

What more gear do you think they'll bring back?

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