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sábado, 21 de janeiro de 2017

Wide sounds with audio rate panning modulation!

This is definitely one of those tricks I really like to use in my Clavia Nord Modulars!

FMOrgPan - Nice patch using audio rate modulation of the pan module!
At the end of the chain, right before the outputs module, I end up adding a pan module quite some times when I'm working with a single sound in the patch.

Most times, pan effects are obtained using an LFO as the modulator, which is really nice to add some motion to a slow sound or even some randomness to drum hits.
But when a regular oscillator at audio rate is used to modulate the pan module, the sounds really become much wider!

I don't usually use too much modulation on the pan module, but something around 20-30 really gives a nice touch to your sound!

If you have a Clavia Nord Modular G1, the photo I have in this post shows a simple patch I made today for it using this technique!
If you turn the pan modulation knob all the way down, it will sound much less impressive than if you add some modulation, right?
Just be sure not too add too much modulation, or some nasty effects start showing in your sound...
With some moderation, this is definitely one of those tricks that is worth using if you are working with your sound in mono and want to record it in stereo.

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