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sexta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2017

And Malekko Heavy Industries seems to be at it as well!

And not with a single product, but with 3 new desktop creations that look really amazing!
Unfortunately we can't hear them as they seem to had a problem with the production, but they are counting to have these products available in March!

In short, all these 3 boxes have a sequencer, but each of them aim for different tasks.
The Manther is an analog mono synth based on old CEM-chips, while Mr. D is a drum machine that features individual outputs plus a very complex sequencer based on their varigate sequencer in eurorack format.
The BFF was developed together with the man behind The Harvestman Digital Audio Electronics and is an hybrid wavetable synthesizer with 4 voices of polyphony available.

If these seem interesting to you, be sure to check the amazing coverage done in this video by SonicState, in which the creators present their amazing work!

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