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quinta-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2017

And Elektron just brought out their new drum machine with sampling, the Elektron Digitakt!

Unfortunately I couldn't find any demos of it in Youtube yet to hear how it sounds, but considering what Elektron has delivered so far, I'd bet it's gonna be a really nice machine!

The information available so far is pretty limited, but it seems to have sampling and 8 audio tracks plus 8 MIDI tracks (so you can sequence other gear with it), but unfortunately no individual outputs.

But, as you can see on Elektron's own website, the information on it seems to be very limited:

I'm definitely looking forward to know more about it, especially since I saw mentioned that the price is around 650€, which is much lower than their other offerings!

It will be interesting to see how it compares to their other machines!

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