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quinta-feira, 12 de janeiro de 2017

Great news from Korg! Korg Gadget is going to be available on Macs, and their ARP Odyssey re-issue is getting a full size keyboard!

Great great news from Korg, as some amazing new products from them seem to be going out soon!

There are not that many info available yet about Korg Gadget for Mac, except that it should be available in standalone form and as a plug-in for your DAW!

To me this is great news as their iOS app is really great and a really fun way to create music on the iPad, with lots of nice gadgets (different sound-engines) to give it a really nice and vast sound pallet.

Hopefully Korg will have more information available in their Korg Gadget page very soon!

The ARP Odyssey I have unfortunately never tried (the original or Korg's current edition), but am definitely looking forward to a full size version of this legendary synth!

It seems it will be assembled in New York and will be available in February 2017 with all 3 original color schemes available, as you can find in Korg's ARP Odyssey FS page!

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