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sexta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2017

Memories from the cold...

One of the things I love about Norway is that, sometimes, you can find quite some amazing gear for pretty decent prices!
Elektron SIDstation in snowy day!

In one of those times, I found an Elektron SIDstation that I ended up getting for a pretty nice price as there was no power supply available to check if it was working.

It was a gamble, but fortunately everything turned out to be ok (except for that small incident later on that I told you about in a previous post...)!
It is quite noisy, but that seems to be part of the "magic", so to say...

It is a really amazing synth that I really should review properly here, especially since it's not that common.
But in the meantime, I post the photo that inspired this post, showing the Elektron SIDstation by a window, with lots of snow waiting outside ;)

I'm in Portugal now and there is no snow, but it doesn't feel much warmer (especially inside the house...).

Those were good times!

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