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terça-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2017

NEWS - The River, an 8 voice polyphonic analog synth being developed by Baloran!

Yes, analog poly synths seem to be now more fashionable than ever!
And the latest one seems to be being developed by Baloran!

I have to admit I had never heard about Baloran before, so it was nice to find out this French company has a very interesting product already available, their "The Triko" Analog Tri-Chorus effect processor!

From what I could get, it is aimed at capturing that classic sound from those old 70s effect based on BBD chips.
And to make things better, it seems it is even expandable, with an expansion for echo or reverberation being available already (and hopefully more will follow)!

But the product they are currently developing is completely different!
The River is the name of a real analog polysynth they are currently developing and which seems to be based on the Moog Source, in terms of sound, but offering considerably more versatility!

Despite there are no oficial details yet, you can count on the following, according to

8 voice polyphony;
2 VCOs per voice;
Ladder VCF;
VCO Mod via EG with PWM and FM available;
Discrete LFOs & EGs (x2) plus a global digital LFO;
8 Part Multitimbral;
Arpeggiator and Sequencer per voice;
5 Octave Fatar TP/8S Keyboard
Analog TriChorus (I'd guess probably based in their own "The Triko");
Modulation Matrix.

If done right, this seem very exciting, right?

To make the wait easier, Baloran has some demos ready using their prototype, and it seems to sound really good!
You can check those, plus some photos, on the following link:

And if you are fluent in French, this demo is most likely worth checking!

The only thing I hope is that it is possible for them to make a panel with variable slope, rather than going for their current design, despite my guess is that they need all that space inside to fit all the boards with discrete components...

Other than that, it definitely gets my thumbs up and I'm definitely looking forward to an official announcement (and more info on the price would be nice as well, despite I doubt it will be a cheap machine...)

When more news are available on this model, I'll definitely be posting them here, so be sure to check my blog regularly ;)

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