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quarta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2017

Electro Harmonix Small Stone, a classic Phaser!

If you are familiar with synths and phasers, you most likely know about the amazing Electro Harmonix Small Stone, the classic phaser used by Jean-Michel Jarre together with his Eminent 310u to obtain those amazing string sounds!

Electro Harmonix Small Stone,
Russian version
I had one in two different occasions before.
The first one I got was an American one, which I ended up selling.
Some time later, I ended up getting a Russian version, but it didn't last that long either...

While it is an amazing unit, I ended up feeling that it is a pretty limited effect to be really worth keeping...
When it comes to effects, I think digital effects can sound really amazing as well, and most of them are quite more versatile than their analog counterparts.

When I decided to get rid of my first one, I did a small test comparing it with my Korg A1 (which unfortunately I didn't record...), and while I could definitely notice the difference, I felt the Korg A1 had too many advantages for me to favour the Electro Harmonix Small Stone...

I got another one later on, but ended up again not feeling it was a must in my setup and got rid of it...

Fortunately later on I ended up getting a Roland SPH-323 phaser, which I find much more interesting, especially when used together with a modular synth, since it has CV inputs and outputs, but that's a story for another post ;)

This post I'll finish by posting the link to a demo I did of the Russian Electro Harmonix Small Stone that I had (the one in the photo), in which I process the signal of a Roland MC-202 with it!
This is not the conventional use for this pedal, so I felt it could be interesting ;)

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