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quarta-feira, 18 de janeiro de 2017

Roland MC-202 versus Roland TB-303?

If you could only choose one of these classic Roland machines, which one would you go for?

The Roland TB-303 is the classic acid machine, with a superb sound, but not that much versatile synth engine...

The Roland MC-202, on the other hand, has a much more featured synth engine, pretty similar to the classic Roland SH-101, but the sequencer ends up not being as good since you can't change patterns (there is only a single pattern that you can loop).
The sequencer is actually much more complex, and you even get a second track to sequence other gear with CV/Gate, but it ends up being much less useful than the one from the Roland TB-303...

In practice, I think the Roland TB-303 ends up being more useful, mainly due to the sequencer it features (which allows you to change pattern without changing the sound!).
But in terms of sound, the extra possibilities the Roland MC-202 offer are definitely useful, especially if you don't aim for that specific Roland TB-303 sound, as both of them sound pretty good to me.

To be honest, for these tasks and classic Roland sound, I think the best machine ends up not being any of these, but instead the amazing Roland SH-101.
Unlike the Roland MC-202 and Roland TB-303, the Roland SH-101 is a keyboard rather than a desktop unit, but it still features a very nice sequencer that ends up setting it apart.
To me, this is the easiest sequencer to use from this lot, and together with a drum machine with trigger output (like a Roland TR-909), it is very easy to transform your sequence in realtime (which you can't really do with any of the other units, despite on the Roland TB-303 you are able to switch patterns) and come up with really creative rhythms!
And on top of that, you can play with the keyboard to make really nice synth solos (if you are lucky to get the mod-grip, you can even use it as a keytar for some extra style!).          

However, they all share the same problem most other Roland machines from the era have, they are definitely overpriced...
Still, I intend to keep them all as they are definitely special machines (but don't think I'd really get them at their current prices...).

Also, the Roland MC-202 is pretty useful as a DIN-Sync hub, which I really need in my setup!
With a DIN-Sync input and two DIN-Sync outputs, I can connect the DIN-Sync output of my Sequentix P3 to the Roland MC-202 and have it sending DIN-Sync to my Roland TB-303 and Roland TR-909.

And you, which one would you choose?

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  1. I have modded my 202 for CV/gate input to by-pass the CPU and use the 303 to sequence the 202. pattern based 202 fun ;)

  2. The CPU is indeed one of the biggest "flaws" of the Roland MC-202...

    I actually haven't tried those inputs myself, but could see several people commenting that the CV/Gate input is pretty useless as it is.

    My problem is that I love these machines as original as possible, but this one seems a mod worth doing indeed!

    P.S. - Thanks for being the first person to comment on my blog! Hope you are enjoying it!