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sábado, 21 de janeiro de 2017

On other exciting news, the Fabulous Silicon Paradigm synth!

The information available about this synth is not much, but it seems really interesting since it uses "Apex" programable analog chips.

From what I could get, those special chips they use allow you to restructure the analog circuitry in realtime, which means you get much more flexibility than ever before!

I am not sure it will be limited to the following configurations, but Fabulous Silicon is advertising it as being able to be:
- An Analog Monophonic Synthesizer (3 Oscillators with lots of modulation capabilities, plus Multimode Filter, plus Noise Generator);
- A Polyphonic Hybrid Synthesizer (2 Digital Wavetable Oscillators, plus Multimode Filter);
- A Stereo Analog Multimode Filter + Overdrive Amp.

Deeper specs are available in their website:

Without any demos available, I can't really say much more than this...

But one thing that really really bothers me with this keyboard is the design, which I find grotesque, at best...
The shape they chose kinda reminds me of the Roland JX1 and other toyish keyboards / synthesizers from the 80s, which to me gives it a very unprofessional look...
I really hope they make a desktop version with a more professional look, as I really don't think I'd like to look at this keyboard in my studio...

It's also a shame that no more photos are provided in their page, to have a better notion on how their interface works, but at least there seem to be quite some knobs available and I'd guess maybe even a step sequencer, considering the 16 buttons displayed in a row just above the keyboard (which kinda reminds me of the Elektron Analog Keys).

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