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quinta-feira, 19 de janeiro de 2017

Do you love real piano sounds? This is the sound module to have if you don't want to spend much!

This is the first time I share a video that isn't mine, but I think it is a really good video that shows how nice this old Korg module sounds for piano sounds!

This is the Korg SG-Rack, which was one of the first modules I had and it sounded really really nice for piano sounds!
I had two more recent ROMplers at the time, a Korg Triton Pro with the EXB-PCM01 installed (Piano / Classic Keyboards) and an Alesis Fusion 8HD (with Klaus Schulze sounds), and I can say they didn't sound nowhere near as good as the Korg SG-Rack for real piano sounds.

Rhodes 73 MkII together with my Fender Chroma Polaris II
I'm sure you can find better modules / keyboards nowadays, but this still seems to me a really interesting choice for a low amount of cash!

I am not sure on their current prices, but I ended up selling mine for 200€ after quite some time...
This demo I shared here was available at the time, but most people are just not aware on how awesome this machine sounds!
The person I sold it to was supposed to buy from me a sound card for the Korg 01, but after he tried the Korg SG-Rack, it took quite some convincing... for him to still take the sound card together with the Korg SG-Rack...
I could see on his face he was really surprised at how good it sounded, as this really isn't a well known machine.

So, why did I sell it?
In my music I don't really need real piano sounds, so when I got my Rhodes 73 MkII, I understood I was going to barely use the Korg SG-Rack from then on as I actually prefer the Rhodes sound in my music.
I still kept my Korg Triton Pro and Alesis Fusion 8HD, and have added some FM synths, which are great for more electronic sounding pianos with lots of expressivity, which is quite to my taste, so I had plenty of choices available for this kind of sound!

If you want to listen to some of my music with the Rhodes 73 MkII, be sure to check this link I posted before:

The DK Synergy, very versatile synth that can produce
many FM-kind of sounds!

It is a mix of Clavia Nord Modular G2X (controlled by an Eigenharps Pico processed by an Oberheim Strummer) with Rhodes 73 MkII, which is processed by an amazing Sony DPS-V77, for some chorusing ;)

But if I would need now a good source for piano sounds for little amount of cash, be sure I'd go for the Korg SG-Rack ;)

P.S. - Sorry there are no photos of the Korg SG-Rack, but couldn't find any in my photo archive...

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