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terça-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2017

NEWS - Digitana, a company to follow with some really nice products in development!

To those not familiar to Digitana (as I wasn't until earlier this week), they have been developing interface modules for classic EMS gear.
They have also put out a re-release of the EMS Synthi Hi-Fli, built under license from EMS.

Now, they seem to have been collaborating with Future Sound of London (FSOL) to produce two new synths, which are still under development.

One of those two new synths is the SX-1 Stand Alone Expander, which is based around the EMS Synthi AKS KS Expander, but fortunately does not need an actual EMS Synthi to be used (despite it can be used together with one).

Having a look at their feature list, it seems a pretty interesting machine that I definitely want to know more about and listen to some demos!
Considering the experience they seem to have with EMS gear and the fact that gear has become really expensive, it might be a good alternative to get that classic sound.

I just hope that the mini-jack connectors available on top mean it can be used with an eurorack modular as well!

The other synth they have is the HALia, which seems to be a completely different machine as it seems to be in fact a digital synth based on multiple powerful ARM-based micro controller.

Considering they say "imagination is the only limit!", I am hopeful it might be a machine similar to the classic Clavia Nord Modulars that I really love!
But unfortunately, the information give out is really limited to say much more than that...

What I can say is that I think the design they chose looks really nice and that I am really looking forward to know more about it and listen to how it sounds (if the sound in the video they share in that page is from their current prototype, it definitely sounds cool!).

In short, I'm really happy I became aware of this company as these two new products seem pretty amazing and I'm definitely interested in knowing more about them!

If you are as well, be sure to check this blog as I intend to post more about these products when more info is made available ;)

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