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terça-feira, 13 de março de 2018

YOUTUBE - Small mistake, new video!

If you looked carefully to the pictures of the Clavia Nord Modular G2 patch I presented in my previous post, you could have spot a big mistake I made...

Unfortunately, it seems I forgot to let the touchpad control the pitch of the carrier oscillator, so only the pitch of the modulator oscillator was being controlled...

As soon as I noticed that, when I was opening to patch to use it as a base for new "Kaossilon_x" patches, I decided I should record a new video with the "correct" version of this patch!

I also tried to get rid of the MIDI module to control the pitch of the oscillators, but unfortunately, Lemur doesn't seem to allow a variable controller to be assigned to a note number, so I ended up keeping that section of the patch as it was!

With one difference, that is, the CC number had to be changed, since CC #7 also controls the volume of the patch, which is something I didn't notice before...
So, now the CC number I gave to it is 101!

With those changes to the patch done, all I had to do with Lemur was to change the CC number in the touchpad (from 7 to 101) and I was ready to get a new video done, which you can check here:

I really hope you enjoyed this new video, and that it gives a better perspective on how nice this combo can be at emulation the Korg Kaossilator, at least in terms of feeling!

If you did enjoy the video, be sure to follow this blog and my Youtube channel as I have more videos ready to be published and am intending to come up with more videos showing how powerful the team Clavia Nord Modular / Liine Lemur actually is!

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