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quarta-feira, 21 de março de 2018

MEANWHILE - Can you guess who is enjoying the Yamaha PSS-280?

If you were guessing a certain feline, you are completely right!

Little Tux (who is not so little anymore, to be honest :P) is really enjoying the Yamaha PSS-280!

He isn't playing it yet, but he sure finds it to be a comfortable spot! ;)

Anyway, this isn't the only reason I'm putting a post related with the Yamaha PSS-280...

Lately, this has been one of my main tools, together with my Clavia Nord Modular G2 Engine.

The reason for this is (spoiler alert...), I am intending to come up with a new series of videos showing off the Clavia Nord Modulars (both G1 and G2) as effects processors!

And what better sound source is there for this task than using a really cheap keyboard, right?

These past days I have been working on some patches aimed at effects processing for my Clavia Nord Modular G2 Engine.

The problem is, sometimes you end up having some much fun patching that you end up not doing the videos you were planning... :P

I will probably only get this section started next week, since there is a new performance this saturday (for March Equinox 2018), so I am going to focus on that now!

This time, I intend to come up with a video of the whole 1 hour performance (will be my longest video performance by far!), as well as the traditional audio file!

So, despite I will likely not post much more during this week, there are some exciting things coming up, so be sure to follow my blog! ;)

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