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quinta-feira, 15 de março de 2018

YOUTUBE - One more drone video! :D

Yep, Synth-ing is back in fashion, with another video performance!

This time, I chose to use my "OPDrone2" patch, which is, once again, an FM synth patch!

However, unlike the "SDrone" patch, which was used in the last Youtube video, in this patch I chose to stick to the FM (or PM, as they are called in the editor) oscillators of the Clavia Nord Modular G2.

But to make things more interesting, I decided to add a saturate module and an EQ to give some extra processing to the waveform outputted by the different oscillators!
And not only that, the two different oscillators can be FMed by the other oscillator or by themselves, and the balance between the amount of modulation given by each of the oscillators can also be modulated in realtime, thanks to the crossfader mixer!

Also, the "DUSG" is now featured as a modulation source and it can even be "turned off", so that you can play with this patch like a regular synth patch, with the amps controlled by a standard EG (that can be set as ADs or ARs)!

But as you probably guessed, I didn't actually make use of that "special" feature in this video, as this is a video all about drones! ;)

To control this drone, I used once again Liine's Lemur app, creating an interface similar to the one you saw for the "SDrone" patch.
However, since there are more parameters available to control, it ended up being a more externes interface with 4 pages instead of 3.

This is how I ended up organising the following interface!

In the first page, I put controls for the oscillators and all modulations it is subjected to!

In the second page, I considered controls for the processing each of the oscillators is subjected to!

In the third page, I considered controls for the DUSGs (with some extra controls when compared to the "SDrone" patch) and LFO!

And the final page, ends up being identical to the one from the "SDrone" patch, the touch pads on the left control different parameters!

And what did I do with this?
The following video, which I hope you'll enjoy watching! :D

Being honest, I was hoping the video would look a bit darker, just like the two from the two videos from the "Modular + Lemur = Kaoss" playlist (which you can find here).
Unfortunately, it dawned too soon, and my early early morning video ended up like that... :P

Still, I felt the music was really nice to prevent me from actually posting this video, and I truly hope you enjoy it! ;)

And like always, if you enjoyed this video, be sure to follow this blog and my Youtube channel as there is plenty more to come!
So be sure to stay tuned! ;)

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