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segunda-feira, 12 de março de 2018

MEANWHILE - Welcome to a new friend! Yamaha PSS-280!

Unfortunately it really is the Yamaha PSS-280 and not a higher model in the same series...
And the price I paid was far from being less than 5€ or even a similar value...

But the truth is, I really felt I needed a new keyboard in my small studio away from the studio!

The "longest" keyboard I had with me before was my Yamaha VSS-30, which features a mini keyboard with only 2 and a half octaves, still half an octave more than the one featured in my Clavia Nord Modular G1 (despite that one has full sized keys).

With 4 octaves, the Yamaha PSS-280 sounded like a nice choice, especially since it isn't that big, so that I can fit it here without any problem (space is quite limited at the moment...).

I haven't had too much time with it yet, but so far I am pretty happy with it!

The basic sound is already nice (it's a Yamaha FM synth, after all...), and as soon as you add some effects to it, it can really sound fantastic!

I think my main "frustration" with it is that there are better models that are actually programable, to some extent...
If only it was a Yamaha PSS-380, which seems to be the same machine with more rhythms and added sliders to do some sound tweaking in realtime, I would say right away it was a keeper!
This way, I feel I will probably end up selling it sooner or later...
But if I do, I will most likely add another model from this series, as I'm pretty well impressed by it!

If you are interested in listening to how it sounds, I will most likely start soon a series of videos using my Clavia Nord Modular G2 Engine as an effects processor, and the sound source used will most likely be this fantastic Yamaha PSS-280!

As you can see from the previous photos, I was even trying a bit today to do that using the Clavia Nord Modular G1, for some modulation and filtering effects.
The results were pretty nice, and since the G2 can do much more in the effects department, I am sure it is going to be possible to come up with really nice demos with this combo!

So, if that sounds appealing, please stay tuned, cause some nice post are waiting for you in the near future! ;)

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