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quinta-feira, 23 de fevereiro de 2017

Wanna sound like a whale? You should try WhaleSynth then?

Yep, there is a new websynth that lets you sound like a whale!

You can find it and use it in the following link:

I think it can definitely produce very interesting sounds and you should definitely give it a try out of curiosity, even if you are not searching for these particular sounds!

It seems there is a version for Ableton Live, but I can't download it now since I'm on my iPad (you need to be on a regular computer to download it).
I hope it doesn't require Max, as I'd quite like to try and give you some feedback on it as well!

However, I must say already that one of the reasons why I felt this synth is actually very interesting is the interface, as I can play it as I touch the iPad.
Not sure how interesting it would be to use in a regular computer without touchscreen capabilities...

Which brings me to the final point In my post...
An iOS app would be really nice and they definitely should consider it!

So if you have time, just go try it, as hopefully they'll try to do that if they have lots of people using their websynth!

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