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segunda-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2017

Another performance with long long delays!

As you probably noticed, I didn't put a post this saturday as I was travelling...
To compensate you, while you wait for I'm sharing yet another performance making use of my Electrix Repeater as a very long delay!

This time, the Electrix Repeater processes a Korg MS-20 (the original version, which is a truly amazing synth).
To add something more to the sound, I also used my Rhodes 73 MkII, which is not processed by the Electrix Repeater.

To process both signals and add some dimension to the sound, I used my Lexicon PCM60 and Korg A1, with the RME Fireface 800 being used to route the signal of the different instruments to the effects.

The result is shown in the following link:

I will definitely talk about this gear in future posts, as all of the units I mentioned are really great!

I guess the Korg MS-20 and Rhodes 73 MkII are quite known to need a special presentation.
In my opinion, they are both amazing machines that I will never want to get rid of for sure!

Korg MS-20, a truly amazing semi-modular synthesizer with a fantastic sound!

The effect units I used are not so well known, but I think both are amazing machines that can fit in any studio!

The Lexicon PCM60 is definitely a limited reverb unit, featuring 128 presets that you can choose using several buttons (I call them presets as there is no way to actually change a parameter smoothly in realtime) and a single input (despite you get stereo outputs).
But the sound it gives is pretty impressive and sometimes, that's just what you need!
I thought of selling it some times (once it was almost sold), but I think the sound is way too nice to actually get rid of it (and I have two Lexicon PCM70 in my setup as well...).

Amazing reverb unit, limited control but fantastic sound!

The Korg A1 is a great multi effects unit, with lots of possibilities available as you can use several effects in your effect chain.
It can do from simple to very complex effects, always sounding pretty good!
And if you have a Korg RE-1 (that you can use to control the Korg 03R/W or Korg M3R, the old rack from the original Korg M1 series), you can also use it as a remote to the Korg A1, which gives it some extra style ;)

I won't say more about these units now, but will try to post about them in more detail very soon as I noticed I haven't really posted much about rack effect units and I really should post, as there are some really amazing units that can really make your tracks sound so much better...
So if you are interested in effects processors, be sure to keep following my blog!

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