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quinta-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2017

NEWS - Abyss, the first polyphonic synth from Dreadbox!

Yep, Dreadbox is producing a new synth, unlike any they ever made!

Abyss is the new synth developed by Deadbox, a Greek company that produces analog effects and synths (including eurorack modules).

If you don't know them yet, you should definitely check their website:

If you are too curious about their Abyss, this is the direct link for more informations:

As you can find in their page, this is a first for Dreadbox, as they finally introduce a polyphonic synth!
After several synths offering paraphonic capabilities, Abyss is a true 4 note polyphonic analog synth, built with discrete components only, which you'd likely expect from their old school design.
Having just knobs and sliders available to dial your own sound, rather than having to explore an infinite amount of menus can be a true bliss to your creativity!

It features MIDI, but still has 4 CV inputs for you to interface it with your modular synth, which is definitely a nice plus!

Listening to the sound demos available in youtube, it definitely has a nice sound to it!
If you don't like demos with too much talk, this is an interesting one:

But there are several other demos that show how nice it can sound!

The only thing I rather it not to feature would be the series of effects it has available...
Personally, I rather add effects externally, and that could have lowered the price considerably...
In this case, I think that would have been nice since the machine is not exactly cheap (1099€, according to their page), but that's expected from a machine that is hand built in Greece by a small company.

It will only be available in April 2017, but hopefully it will be well worth the wait ;)

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