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segunda-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2017

NEWS - And the Ondes Martenot is back with Ondomo by ASADEN!

If you are quite passionated about old keyboards, you probably have heard about the Ondes Martenot!
If not, you are definitely missing on an amazingly expressive instrument!

Fortunately on youtube there are quite some videos featuring this amazing instruments, like this performance of "How to disappear completely", by Radiohead:

For you to be sure, the Ondes Martenot is that "weird" keyboard with some kind of a string and a ring in front of the keyboard.
Despite it was invented in 1928 by Maurice Martenot, it sounds quite modern and definitely fits that song by Radiohead!

But the Ondes Martenot can do so much more, and if you liked the sound, you should definitely check a bit further in youtube, as there are many other videos worth checking, showing a different character to the one shown in Radiohead's performance!

Now, it seems ASADEN, a company based in Tokyo, is producing a new version of this classic instrument, called Ondomo!

There isn't much information available yet, but they seem to be really serious about their instrument!
In fact, it seems you'll need to go to Tokyo or wait for them to go to you in order to get a unit, at least until they make tutorials available to ensure you'll get the best out of your instrument!

I'm really looking forward to their tutorials, as if this captures the magic of the original, it is going to be an amazing instrument!

The price is not going to be cheap for sure, but as they state in their page, "each of the limited run of 100 instruments is assembled by hand with the utmost care", so you can also expect top building quality for this fantastic instrument!

Definitely a machine to follow!

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