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quarta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2017

NEWS - Korg Gadget will be available at the 28th of February!

Finally, Korg is telling us when it will release the new Korg Gadget for Mac and how much it will cost!

Unfortunately the price is much higher than the one for the iOS version, which was kinda expected...
The special introductory price will be 199$, but it will be raised at a later time (not specified) to 299$, which will be the regular price.

You will then be able to purchase it and download it via Korg Shop, a new site Korg will be opening soon!

To check all the info, just check Korg's page:

And to all iOS Korg Gadget users, me included, it seems Korg will also introduce an updated version, which will feature Audio Track recording and playback!

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