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segunda-feira, 13 de fevereiro de 2017

APPS - Moog apps with 50% discount!

In case you rely on appshopper to know about price reductions on apps, you should know that sometimes, they are not as quick as you might think when it comes to take notice of price changes in apps!

I checked them before putting out this post, and it seems they have not listed it just yet, but you can now buy Moog apps with 50% discount!

I will hopefully be getting AniMoog finally this time, after having their own Filtatron and Model 15 installed in my iPad!

Coming up with this post also made me realize that it would be nice for me to start posting about apps for iOS (more specifically, the ones that work with iPads as well) since I have some paid ones installed in my setup that any of you would probably be interested in having some feedback on before buying.

I just have to say that I haven't really used my iPad in my music setup yet, despite I had quite some fun noodling with some of my apps...

So this will definitely be a challenge, but I think it will be an interesting one as it will make me able to take something more out of my iPad!

I won't promise you more posts regarding apps very soon, but will definitely try to start posting about them ;)

So, if you use an iOS device and want to get some nice apps to it, be sure to follow my blog! ;)

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