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segunda-feira, 6 de fevereiro de 2017

NEWS - New demo from The River, by Baloran!

And there is one more demo available of the new synth Baloran is planning, The River, on youtube!

If you missed that first post in which I talked about this synth, be sure to have a look! -

Unfortunately to those of us who cannot speak French, this demo might be a bit harder to follow...
Despite you might not understand the comments, you can surely notice how nice it sounds!

I definitely think it sounds great and it is really nice to have a closer look at the interface, which to me has a really nice design.

I'm definitely looking forward to get more info about this synth, especially regarding the price, which I don't think is gonna be low, considering the high quality this machine seems to have.

Definitely a machine to follow! ;)

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