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sexta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2017

Two of my favourite machines in a single performance!

Unfortunately, today I didn't have too much time to prepare a good post for you guys, so I decided to present you this performance I did some time ago using two of my favourite machines, the amazing Yamaha CS-15, an analog mono-synth from the same family of the legendary Yamaha CS-80, and the Electrix Repeater, a very powerful 4 track looper!

I also chose to share with you this performance as I don't think any of these two machines actually gets the praise it deserves...

The Yamaha CS-15 is one of my favourite analog mono synths ever!
It surely isn't the most versatile machine (and it is truly a shame that there is no kind of modulation between the VCOs), but it has a truly lovely sound that is really inspiring and works great for nice melodic lines or powerful leads.

The Yamaha CS-30, the top of this line of early Yamaha CS analog mono synths, is a considerable more versatile machine, but it still misses some features that make the Yamaha CS-15 very interesting (like that amazing triangle waveform available in the VCOs).
But like the Yamaha CS-15, the Yamaha CS-30 is a bit undervalued when compared to similar machines from the same era, which makes me feel these two are definitely amazing bargains for someone searching for a classic 2 VCO analog mono synth!

Yamaha CS-15 performance controls, with non-original, but looking good still ;)

The Electrix Repeater is a more obscure machine, but if you are searching for a looper, it is an amazing machine you should definitely check!

In my performances, I haven't used that much as a looper in the traditional sense, but more as a really long delay, and it works great for those tasks!

As a looper, you get 4 mono channels and you are able to change the pitch and reverse the loop you recorded for each channel, which can result in very nice sound experiments!

It is truly an amazing machine that can help you taking your music to different paths, which I think is pretty valuable.

Electrix Repeater display.

Yamaha CS15 over Rhodes 73 MkII
But as I told you, I didn't have much time today, so a long review on each of these two amazing instruments will come at a later time...

Now, I just give you the link to the performance I did using these two amazing machines!
Hope you enjoy it!

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