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domingo, 2 de abril de 2017

Studio workout!

In order to increase the workflow in my small studio, I was remodelling things today!
I actually don't have any photos on how this wardrobe looked before I took things out, but I can tell you it was a huge mess! :S

And as you can imagine, it was a pretty complicated task to take something from the bottom...

So I decided it was time to get some shelves inside the wardrobe, so that it would be easy to keep everything stored and take any piece of gear out when it is needed.

This was the result!
It was some hours of work (with some extra help...), but it was totally worth it!

Unfortunately I can't say the work is done, as I still want to rework things a bit, but so far am really pleased with the results and hoping that finally I will be able to get a good workflow in my small studio!

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