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sábado, 8 de abril de 2017

Current status...

As you probably have noticed, I haven't been that active these past weeks, especially this last one...

Unfortunately I had some pet emergencies lately, with both with Tux, the little kitty you've seen in some previous posts, but also with Branquinho, a really nice dog that I didn't have the chance to present you yet, but he is not so keen on checking my gear.

Fortunately both of them are improving considerably and I hope I won't have to worry that much about them!

As much as I want to focus on my synths, their well-being is definitely a higher priority!

The other reason for my absence was fortunately more synth related, as I was trying to get my studio a bit remodelled!

The space is still a bit too little for all the gear I have, so I still have to get some more stuff sold to get the most out of my space...

But fortunately it is much better than it was, and I can actually set a small setup in the middle of the studio to experiment with the different gear I have.

It's not enough to set a very large setup properly, but it is considerably better than what I had before (and I guess the most I can hope for without getting rid of lots of things or getting a bigger place...).

Being done with remodelling the studio also means that I am able to get some videos for my Youtube channel done more easily!

If you have checked the blog / Youtube channel this week, you probably noticed I have already uploaded this new video:

And I hope this is just the first of many to follow!

With the remodelling done, I also hope I can focus a bit more in getting this blog in order, since there are quite some posts I should have put out by now...

Probably I timed this remodelling very badly as I ended up not posting anything about MESS so far...
And there have been some interesting news lately that I intend to post about in the upcoming days!

In the meanwhile, I leave you this video I'm currently watching about the new synth from Waldorf, the Waldorf Quantum, which seems to be a truly amazing synth!

I am also missing quite some posts about my performances, as I still have 5 of them to share at the moment...

And if you are curious about the Korg MS-20 vs Korg iMS-20 (with Korg MS-20ic), I know the follow up to this post is still missing...
But don't worry, you'll soon know which is which!

With those pending posts done, I intend to go back to some more technical posts about the Clavia Nord Modulars, as I have plenty of interesting ideas I'd love to try with them!

And in since I'm talking about the Clavia Nord Modulars, I know the follow up to this post should have been done quite some time ago, but I'll be working on it as well ;)

So, if you have been enjoying this blog, but felt these past weeks have been a bit too calm, don't worry because there are several more exciting posts, music and videos coming up ;)

So please stay tuned ;)

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