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sábado, 1 de abril de 2017

NEWS - R.I.P. Ikutaro Kakehashi!

Unfortunately, this time all I have is really really sad news... :(

There seems to be no official statement from Roland, the company he founded on 1972, or from ATV, the company he founded in 2014...

But Tommy Snyder, who worked with him, has shared this post in Facebook (which was just shared in Synth-ing's Facebook page...).

I never had the pleasure to meet him, but am really thankful for all the contributions he has done!

Thanks to him we have MIDI (for which he was awarded a Technical GRAMMY in 2013, together with Dave Smith), and so many great synthesizers and drum machines!

I'm really glad I have in my studio classics like the Roland SH-101, TR-909, D-550 and many other classic machines that Roland came up with under his leadership!

R.I.P. Ikutaro Kakehashi!

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