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terça-feira, 9 de maio de 2017

NEWS - Waldorf Quantum!

These are even older news than the Deckard's Dream, but since this is one of the synths that appeared recently that I liked the most, I felt I should still post about it!

One of the reasons is that I think it seems to be an amazing synth, but it has some flaws that, if fixed, would turn it into a truly unbelievable machine!

But for starters, the best is probably for you to have a look at it, and this video from SonicState is a good point of start:

As you can see, the synth looks amazing, with a design similar to their classic Waldorf Wave.
But unlike the Waldorf Wave, the Waldorf Quantum doesn't seem to have a lifting panel, which is a true shame, especially since it seems the design is almost done for that...

The sound is just amazing as well, with a nicely featured synth engine, with digital oscillators and real analog filters (which surely make a difference)!

And the interface even seems better than the one available in the Waldorf Wave, with a big touchscreen together with lots of knobs still!

So, what am I not liking about it?

My main grip with it is that it is only bitimbral rather than multitimbral...
For me, 8 parts of timbrality would make it a much more interesting machine, as I would be able to sequence 8 different Waldorf Quantum sounds using my Sequentix P3, which I think would be really amazing!
And with that, individual outputs per voice would be great as well, so I could process each sound individually!

I get this should increase the cost of the synth, but since this is an expensive machine (I've seen people mentioning around 3500€, but there is no final value available yet), I don't think these extras would make such a huge difference...
I guess some extra processing power would be needed to deal with more timbrality, but since this synth has analog filters, it shouldn't need extra converters to get the signal of each voice in the analog realm.
And in the end, it would make the synth much more useful (at least for me it would definitely be much more useful)!

To say more about it, I would need a list with the complete specs, which I don't think is available yet...

Since I am not sure this is featured or not, it is not in my requests, but I really hope they make the Waldorf Quantum respond to MPE, in order to achieve more expressivity!

Waldorf has been pretty friendly to extra expressivity and all their synths respond to polyphonic aftertouch (despite I couldn't make it work with my Eigenharps Pico...), so I really hope they go for it!

I hope there are more news soon about this machine, and if there are, I'll try to let you know about them more timely ;)

Oh... and if anyone in Waldorf happens to check this post and could make these small changes to the Waldorf Quantum, I'd really appreciate that as this one ranks high in my wish list ;)

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