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sábado, 6 de maio de 2017

NEWS - Deckard's Dream!

This is not exactly news news, but this week ended up being quite full for me still, so I only put this post out now...

But if you love analog synths and/or love DIY, this is still a must see ;)

And the best thing I can say is for you to have a look at the Deckard's Dream oficial page, or just play the first trailer they made available and that I share below:

I never used a Yamaha CS-80 to be really able to compare both machines, but it sounds absolutely fantastic!

And due to the support to MPE, it should be a very expressive machine, just like the Yamaha CS-80!

If you are impressed by it, it will cost you 3749$ to get one, with delivery included from Japan!
Or if you are good at DIY, you can buy a DIY kit for 999$!

I would definitely love to get one for my small home studio, as I really love the sound and design, but unfortunately I have other priorities for the studio at the moment...

But it is definitely high in my to buy list ;)

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