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quarta-feira, 3 de maio de 2017

CONCERT - Synth-ing Nº15!

This was my first big modular performance, so if you are really into Eurorack Modular Systems, you definitely should listen to it ;)

I uploaded this one to a while ago, but unfortunately ended up forgetting to finish this post...

But now the word is spread and you can find the whole performance here, to listen or re-listen!

There isn't much to talk about this one, as it was pure modular synth madness, the best is really to listen!

I can say I am not too happy with the entire performance, but I think it definitely has some nice moments and very interesting sounds were produced along the way!

One of the reasons why I'm not so happy is that I didn't have much time to prepare for this concert as transplanting the modular system from one case to another ended up taking considerably more time than I thought...

Modular before...

Before this performance, I had some modules in a Doepfer low cost case (6U), which meant I had to have 3 cases with modules...

Since I knew it should be possible to fit all modules in my two Blue Lantern cases, I thought it was a good idea to perform this "transplant", as it would be considerably easier to access all the modules in my setup, and I think the photo below shows that as well!

Modular after! :)

However, this left me with basically no time to test the entire setup...

And as you could probably have guessed, without using it previously, sometimes it was possible to notice some weird things going on with the sound that I couldn't really get...

Trying to make it to sound as I had more or less planned ended up taking time and unfortunately breaking a bit the flow of the performance...

Due to this lack of test time, I decided to use the left case as a single voice, since I had used on its own several times (as can be seen in my first Youtube videos), while the other case provided 3 extra voices.

In the second case I have a Blue Lantern Simple VCO, a Blue Lantern Asteroid BD V4 and a Make Noise Mysteron, which served as the base for my new voices.
To make things more interesting, I added some processing when needed, as well as modulation, since this extra case also features a Doepfer A-143-3 Quad LFO and a Doepfer A-143-1 Complex Envelope Generator / LFO, amongst other options.

To mix all these voices together, I used a Doepfer A-138 Exp Mixer and then added some BBD delay with the Doepfer A-188-2 Tapped BBD, before the signal goes into the Blue Lantern Stereoscopic VCA, which then sent the signal into the RME Fireface 800, using the regular jack connections available in said module.

To keep this a pure Eurorack Modular madness, I didn't use any external effects, despite my system features a Doepfer A-119 Ext In and a Doepfer A-138d Crossfader / FX Insert.
In fact, the only external gear I used was really the Akai MAX25 (as a keyboard controller) and the RME Fireface 800 as a sound card, nothing else!

I think this is a very interesting first try with a real Eurorack Modular System, but am sure this system can definitely go much further!

I didn't have a follow up performance to this one using exclusively the modular synth, but am definitely intending to have another go at it when I have the chance!

The limit is your imagination, and these machines really show that (as well as the Clavia Nord Modulars and Kyma, despite that last one I'm still learning slowly...).

If you like Eurorack Modulars, be sure to listen to this performance and give me your feedback!
I hope you'll enjoy it!

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