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terça-feira, 2 de maio de 2017

Be careful with hacking...

Unfortunately, there is a good reason for no posts during the weekend... :(

Some jerk, at the lack of a better polite term, decided it was fun to hack into my iCloud account and report my computer as stolen...
The same was done with my iPad, but fortunately on that one I had the 4 digit code active (in my laptop I only had a regular password), which allowed me to get it unlocked pretty quickly.

Fortunately this situation is sorted now (and Apple was very helpful, thumbs up for them and the nice crew that helped me!), so I can get back to work on my laptop!

Unfortunately it made me unable to use my computer for the whole weekend (and before I could get a video with the Roland JX3p uploaded into Synth-ing's Youtube channel), which really delayed the posts I had planned...

I hope to get things back on track this week, hopefully with no more problems showing up!

If you use Apple devices, be sure to fit in a 4 digit password or to remove the find option for them in your iCloud account.

If this happens to you, Apple should be able to solve it, but with a computer it will need to be checked by an actual tech and will always take some time, so you better prevent that to happen!

In the meanwhile, you should prepare yourself for another Synth-ing NºX performance tonight!

I won't be using the Symbolic Sounds Kyma Capybara 320 again this time, but it will be a very interesting performance featuring again my Clavia Nord Modular G1 with a new drone patch! ;)

So be sure to tune in later tonight (less than 7 hours from now), again at radio!

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