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quarta-feira, 31 de maio de 2017

CONCERT - Synth-ing Nº19!

So, since Synth-ing Nº18 didn't get properly recorded, I decided to use the same kind of setup for Synth-ing Nº19!

And incidentally, this performance was also a bit shorter as Branquinho, the house dog, had a small crisis, which fortunately ended up not being serious!
But rather than playing for at least a full hour, I was forced to finish this performance after around 40 minutes...

Still, this time the whole performance was recorded and you can listen / re-listen to it here!

Despite the setup was the same as in the previous performance, I decided to come up with new patches for the Clavia Nord Modular G2, despite the mixer patch, "Synth19Mix", features just small "improvements" over the "Synth18Mix" patch used in the previous performance:

The "improvements" I mention can be found at the right side of the picture, on the modules with orange tones.
Basically all I did was to add a feedback line to the reverb effect, which features a compressor and a mixer to regulate the level of the feedback (which, now that I think a bit more about it, is likely not necessary since I could regulate the level of the output of the compressor...).
Other than that, it is exactly the same patch!

The synth patch played by the Clavia Nord Modular G2, on the other hand, looks nothing like the patch used in Synth-ing Nº18, and is actually a much more complex polyphonic patch named "PowerSynth19":

This patch features essentially two layers or synths, as each of the oscillators goes to its own amplifier.
There is quite some processing, feedback lines, intermodulation of the oscillators and ring modulation, before the patch is sent to the effects section!

Since this patch is polyphonic, it is quite useful to put some of the processing in the effects section, so that polyphony can remain high (and for this patch, I chose 12 notes of polyphony).
In this patch, the effect section is quite complex, fully featured with feedback lines, digitizer modules, filters and a compressor.

The end result was a patch full of character!
Sometimes, the best is really to go all in and experiment complex structures as the results can be quite interesting ;)

Other than these new patches, used in the Clavia Nord Modular G2, the setup was the same used in Synth-ing Nº18.

The Roland SH-101 was once again used together with the Electrix Repeater and the Fender Chroma Polaris was used (this time together with the Clavia Nord Modular G2) for polyphonic duties, along with the Rhodes 73 MkII.

All of them are amazing instruments that can produce amazing sounds, and I hope that you could notice that in this performance ;)

I guess this is it for this performance, and I hope this was once again an enjoyable concert!

And if you want to try the Clavia Nord Modular G2 patches, those can be found in the same link as the performance, which means, here!

P.S. - 
And I noticed there is a small flaw in the PowerSynth19 patch, as the input of the FltHPR module is not connected...
I fixed that on the patch I shared (here!), but decided to keep it as it was in the photo...

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