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terça-feira, 5 de setembro de 2017

MEANWHILE - A toy for a toy... Or not! ;)

So, this was my acquisition of the day!

As I was telling you in my previous post, I have been lately trying to check some of my old toys, as someone contacted me with interest doing a trade for some music equipment...

And this is what I got today, an amazing Yamaha VSS-30 that looks almost brand new! :)

Unfortunately, it is not in as good functional condition as it looks like, and the output is a bit noisy (more noisy if it is connected to a power supply than when using batteries).

I hope that won't be a hard fix as I am quite impressed with the way it sounds!

It is really easy to sample and get creative with it.
It surely isn't a very versatile machine to sample with, but sometimes, it offers all you need and it is really easy to use, which means you can get really nice results very fast!

You'll most likely be hearing quite some more about it in the times to come, but at the moment, I end up still being quite busy, and am unsure if I will be posting much in the next days, but hope in the next week things will start changing, as you guys really deserve some nicer posts ;)

So, was it a toy for a toy?
It might look like a toy, especially with the onboard speaker, but it surely doesn't sound like one ;)

If you are not familiar with this model, be sure to do some search about it, cause it's really really cool ;)

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