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sábado, 9 de setembro de 2017

MEANWHILE - Happy 909 day!

Time goes fast and it is 09/09/2017 already!

And as you probably know, I really love my Roland TR-909 and have used it in some of my Synth-ing performances!

Now, to celebrate this day, I thought it would be nice to share this small performance using it!

In this performance, the Roland TR-909 provides the nice drums, while the Crumar MultiMan S provides the string synth sounds, while being looped by my Electrix Repeater (which is synced to the Roland TR-909).

I quite like this short performance, but listening to it again makes me think I probably shouldn't have gotten rid of my Crumar MultiMan S (it really sounded good...), but maybe at a later time I'll be able to get another one ;)

Oh... and did you hear about the new Roland D-05, the new Boutique they chose to announce at 909 day?

I'm a bit disappointed it doesn't have more knobs, as I was hoping it would be a bit more like a Roland PG-1000, but one that could produce sound, so that I could use it to program my two Roland D-550s...
Unfortunately that is not the case...

I don't think I'll be much into getting one of these, as I have two Roland D-550s, and a Roland VC-1 (that I can use with either my Roland V-Synth or Roland VariOS).

But it would be nice to see how it compares with the original (and the VC-1 emulation), especially since this is clearly the most compact machine to give you the sounds from the Roland D-50, which I think are definitely amazing!

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