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quinta-feira, 29 de junho de 2017

MEANWHILE - Learning Kyma on a Break... And getting my concert posts back in track!

As I mentioned in my post reminding you all about my last performance, Synth-ing Nº39, I am having a break from my performances...

I decided to do that so I could focus a bit more on getting my concert posts back in track.

I have some posts for previous performances almost done, but would rather post everything in the right order.
I hope during the next week I will be able to get everything done properly!

I am still not 100% sure what to talk about in my concert posts when it comes Kyma, but will have a look at the patches I done so far to see what's the best solution.
But in the worst case, I will be talking more about it when the next series of concerts starts, on the 11th of July (please take a note on the date)!

I have been also reading a bit more one of the Kyma books I received together with my system, "Kyma and the SumOfSines Disco Club", by Jeffrey Stolet.

I still have around 200 pages of the book to read, but so far it has been pretty interesting, despite quite some things you end up understanding after you spend some time working with Kyma and watching some tutorials available online.
I'm looking forward to read more of it and hopefully learn quite some more to be able to prepare better performances for you!

This is the current point of the situation here, and if you didn't read my post about Synth-ing Nº39, don't forget that my next performance will only come on the 11th of July!

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