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terça-feira, 27 de junho de 2017

CONCERT - Synth-ing Nº39 starts in 40 minutes!

And it will be the last of this series...

I intend to come back on the 11th of July, but feel that a break would be appropriated at this time.

I feel a bit sad that the posts regarding my previous performances are getting quite delayed, so this will be for me to put this work on order.
And I also feel that it will allow me to focus a bit on learning Kyma, as I won't be pressured to get a patch done for the performance I'll have later in the same day (or next day).

But I'm quite anxious to get back and hopefully with more complex patches done with Kyma that will  allow me to put out more complex performances that you will enjoy even more!

In the meanwhile, you should try to enjoy this performance, which will be, like always, available at radio!

This one starts in 40 minutes or so, so be sure to tune in! ;)

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