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terça-feira, 6 de junho de 2017

CONCERT - Synth-ing Nº21!

And finally we reached the first concert played in sunny Algarve!

And you can listen to the full performance here!

Simple setup, Clavia Nord Modular G1 being sequenced by Sequentix P3 and processed by Korg KaossPad Quad!

This time, I decided to go for a sequenced performance, using my Sequentix P3 to sequence my Clavia Nord Modular G1!

And to make things more interesting, I also made use of my Korg KaossPad Quad, mainly to add reverb and some extra texture to the performance, thanks to the amazing grain shifter effect!

To keep things simple, I decided to use the same patch, "SimplePow", in all 4 different slots of the Clavia Nord Modular G1, just changing the settings to produce 4 different sounds:

"SimplePow", simple patch but still versatile and powerful!

Despite this is a relatively simple patch, I feel it delivered 4 very interesting and powerful sounds that mixed together very well, especially together with the nice effects provided by the Korg KaossPad Quad!

I think this covers this performance, and I really hope you enjoyed to listen / re-listen to it!

Like always, the patches I made for the Clavia Nord Modular G1 are available in the same link as the performance, which means here!

Despite I used the same patch, I put all 4 different sounds available for download, despite all of them were edited during the performance.

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